UK Collaboration for a Digital Repository for High Stakes Assessments

About us

The UK Collaboration for a Digital Repository (UKCDR) project began in 2005 and aimed to develop a methodology to develop a specification for a tool to support development and sharing of high quality, high-stakes assessment items and data. The methods used brought together a range of agencies and institutions in the UK and the outcomes were used in the appraisal of a range of commercial and non-commercial software tools. The documents and outcomes of the first project will remain available on this site for reasons of transparency.

In late 2008 plans were set in motion to create UKCDR V2, which would include a revised set of specifications, and hopefully a broader series of positive appraisal results to share with the assessment community. The 2009 project would bring together additional user contributors with the same emphasis on generic, minimum best practice, and analyse via the same methodologies as used back in 2005.

UKCDR V2 Summary

Completed Steps

Steps in Progress

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For a video overview of the UKCDR V2 project click here.

If you are a partner of the project you can view UKCDR progress here. You will require your Group Hub login details.